Butterfly Swords (Harlequin Historical)

Butterfly Swords - Jeannie Lin Loved, loved, loved this book. I loved Lin's My Fair Concubine, but this one blew that one away on so many levels. The heroine has to be one of my favorite of everything I read so far, self-sufficient and tough and yet still feminine and relate-able. I also really loved the hero, which I wasn't expecting, given that he's a Westerner, but the whole cross-cultural theme worked very well for me. It's woven quite flawlessly throughout the story. I loved the fact that the story was an action/adventure on top of the romance, so it read fast and furious compared to most of the stuff I've been reading, which seems quiet with the conflict arising mostly from internal turmoils (which isn't necessarily bad, just a different type of story). I'm definitely a Lin fan now and look forward to tearing through the rest of her backlist as soon as I get them.