Go the F**k to Sleep

Go the F**k to Sleep - Adam Mansbach Really had no idea what this was about, though I was seeing all sorts of references to it on Twitter, so when it came up as a free download on Audible, I had to see what the fuss was about. And yes, I've been this narrator, though I've managed thus far to contain the f-bombs. Though who would have thought I'd still be contending with bedtime frustration when my daughter was 12? Maybe she needs to read this, so she'll have a better understanding of just how frustrating she is when she comes knocking on our door for the fifth time wanting lotion or a band-aid or to ask me which Twilight or Harry Potter character I think is the coolest.

My son is one of those saintly kids the one star reviews speak about. The kid puts his head on a pillow and he's out in nothing flat. I feel blessed for having one saintly kid.